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Combining the skills of gymnastics, dance, and acrobatics, competitive allstar cheerleading is one of the fastest growing 
sports in Australia. Cheerleading aims to build fitness and self confidence and develops skills including:
Jumps, Stunting, Tumbling and Dance.

At Bullets Allstars we provide professional training to all ages & abilities within a safe and nurturing environment throughout our       Pre-school, Recreational, and Competitive programs.


Being a part of Bullets Allstars means being a part of a family. Bullets Allstars is an outlet for athletes to be themselves, 
make friends, and learn life skills such as commitment, perseverance, teamwork, and personal growth.

Our aim is to develop love for the sport whilst providing a high standard of cheerleading technique throughout all of our
classes provided. Our programs cater to different athletes' ages, abilities, goals, family needs, and most importantly to feel part of our cheer family. Our ultimate aim is to develop a love for the sport and build friendships that will extend beyond cheerleading careers.

Bullets Allstars Cheerleading Cheer classes Melbourne
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We believe in developing all to be the best they can be. To instill confidence and value in each and every student. We are committed to promoting spirit and enthusiasm in our teams in a positive way. We want our Cheer classes to be about fun, team spirit and perseverance to be the best athletes we can be!
We want you guys to have an amazing time learning to be Bullets Allstar cheerleaders just as we have!”  

BRADY WILLS – Cheer Head Coach 

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Our facility includes:

  • Cheer/Stunt room with a 9 run sprung competition floor

  • Tumble Trampoline Track

  • Various gym equipment

  • Merchandise store

  • 3 Dance studios

  • Waiting rooms

  • Reception office

Bullets Allstars Cheerleading Melbourne Tarnard Drive Braeside




Our coaches are passionate about working with our cheer athletes to achieve their goals, both personally and as part of a team. They continually raise the bar with the best technical training and innovative choreography to provide every athlete the support they need to compete locally, nationally and on the international stage.

Our school’s values of commitment, hard work and positive attitude underpin the life skills we teach as part of their overall training.

Every one of our staff has high-level qualifications and experience across a number of areas, not only in skill development, but also in strength, conditioning, tumbling and injury prevention and management.

All our coaches have competed as an Allstar cheerleader or still compete and hold current CPR and First Aid certifications.

Our coaching environment is what makes Bullets Allstars the successful club it is and why our athletes are a dedicated group who feel like one big family!


BRADY WILLS – Head Coach
Brady started gymnastics at the age of two and throughout his 15 year career competed for the Victorian Men’s Team at Nationals three years in a row. For 10 of those years, Brady also juggled dance and acrobatics. He began coaching gymnastics in 2004 while continuing to train and compete. Between 2007-2008 is when Brady’s eye found the appeal of cheerleading. He continued coaching but focused more on acrobatics in dance schools and tumbling for cheer. In 2010 he received his Bachelor of Circus Arts and then in 2011-2012 he hopped in a caravan to perform under the big top across Australia. As much as he enjoyed his time in the circus, his passion for cheerleading grew. Brady returned to Melbourne and began to coach cheerleading. He spent 2013-2014 competing level six in Australia and was then given the opportunity to compete at the 2014 World Championships in Orlando, Florida. Throughout his cheerleading career, he has competed in various levels in partner stunt and managed to become the 2013 level three national champion. His proudest achievement as a coach was his open all girl level two team winning nationals in 2014.

In 2015, Brady took on the role of head coach at Bullets Allstars and is enjoying this new chapter of his career unfold.

Danielle Reeve Senior Cheer coach Bullets Allstars Cheerleading Melbourne

DANIELLE REEVE – Administration

Danielle began dancing at just two years old and fell in love with being a performer. Danielle joined Mathis Dance Studios in 2008 participating in all dance styles that were on offer. Upon finishing high school in 2010 she attended Jason Coleman’s Full Time dance studies and has since performed in various events and competition teams, including Mathis’ WORLDS team Mathis Diamonds who placed 3rd & 9th at the 2017 World Dance Championships in Orlando, Florida. Danielle starting cheering with Bullets Allstars in 2012. As a late starter at 18 years of age, she never let her age hold her back from new skills. In 2013 she began assisting in classes with Bullets Allstars and took her first team to National Champion Victory. During 2013-2015 Danielle coached and cheered for her university Deakin Dragons and was part of the first ALL GIRL Level 4 Deakin Team to become National Champions in 2015. In 2016 Danielle helped coach Crossfire COED 3 in placing 6th at NCA in Dallas, Texas. Danielle has a passion for coaching the youngest of our cheerleaders and the beginners in our sport, teaching most of our Level 1 Squads and Mini Level 1 Classes. Danielle is currently credentialed up to Level Four from the USASF.

In 2017, Danielle took on the role of administration for Bullets Allstars and hopes that the club continues is growth into the future.


We have three coaches supporting our senior staff including Mill Guerra, Alex Hille and Emma Goodman. All of our coaches have international cheerleading experience including competing at the World Championships in Orlando FL, and NCA in Dallas TX. Our coaching staff regularly update their USASF coaching credentials in allignment with the Australian Cheer Association.




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