Be strong. Be fearless. Cheer.

We give our athletes the opportunity to participate in competition, performances and community displays.

Bullets Allstars has raised the bar in competitive cheerleading in Melbourne and Australia by setting the standard for excellence in our sport.

Our competition teams train a minimum of 4 hours per week, made up of two 1.5 hour squad sessions and one 1 hour tumbling session. Within the squad training sessions, they work on the routine they will compete with at each competition. Within each tumbling training session, they all work on the skills needed to progress to the next level of tumbling.

Bullets Allstars provide three different types of competitive cheerleading;

1.   Competition Squad

2.   Partner stunt

3.   Group Stunt

The levels are based on skills learnt in class; enabling our athletes to improve their skills, while working at their own pace.

Partner Stunt and Group Stunts are available to all competitive Bullets Allstars athletes.

Each system has levels that work up progressively in accordance with USASF safety rules. This means students are not able to attempt skills that they have not trained for, been taught, or are physically not ready to perform.

Each system is broken into Mini, Youth, Junior, Senior and Open.  Junior levels give the younger students more time to learn and perfect skills that senior and Open students may naturally have a better grasp of. 

All competition squad classes are by tryout only.


We have 10 competition teams hitting the floor in 2017:
Mini Ages 8 & Under   Youth Ages 11 & Under   Junior Ages 13 & Under   Senior Ages 10 - 17   Open Ages 14 +

Mini Novice - Pistols
Youth Novice - Rifles
Junior Level 1 - Torpedoes
Junior Level 3 - Snipers
Senior AllGirl Level 1 - Missiles
Senior AllGirl Level 2 - Stunners
Senior AllGirl Level 3 - Crossfire
Senior AllGirl Level 4 - Cherry Bombs
Open Coed Level 4 - Black Ops
Open Coed Level 5 - Warfare

Partner Stunt / GROUP STUNT

Competitive partner stunting, which is made up of one base stunting and one flyer, or Group stunting, made up of four athletes. Available for all current competitive athletes (dependant on age and skill) and is supervised by coaches during Open Stunt or through private lessons. Each group or partner stunt compete at their selected competitions at additional cost.

open stunt

Open stunt are one or two hour sessions where competition athletes can work on their partner or group stunts. This class is $5 cash per hour for each athlete and is available to all Competitive Bullets Athletes.


This is a technique class available to flyers to improve their strength and flexibility.

Private Lessons

These are one on one classes with a coach available for tumbling and stunting of all levels.


Check out our teams who competed at the AASCF National Cheer Championships in 2015.



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