We are very excited to continue to offer our preschool program after a very successful introduction in 2018!
Tiny & Mini gym classes are specifically designed to cater to the bodies and learning styles of preschoolers. 

Our smallest athletes will learn the basics of cheerleading and build strength, coordination, flexibility and balance in a fun environment with knowledgeable coaches.  Children will be introduced to; stunting, tumbling, jumps and dance in a team setting which is great for developing social skills.

Once our students reach primary school they have the opportunity to progress into our Youth Recreational Program or even our Mini Competition Team!

Little movers achieve big things!

Our smallest cheerleaders are making their mark in our gym and surprise us with their abilities every day. Let your little one show you what they are made of!

Our pre-school classes build skills such as basic tumbling progression, co-ordination, team work, and self confidence.

2020 information

In 2020 we will continue to offer our preschool classes in two age groups: Tiny Gym (Prep in 2022) & Mini Gym (Prep in 2021).

We are still currently finalising our 2020 information but encourage you to fill out the form below to receive this as soon as it is ready!

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