Our squad teams regularly compete against other teams throughout the year at the Australian All Star Cheerleading Federation competitions.

Australian All Star Cheerleading Federation, (AASCF) is an organisation for All Star cheerleading coaches and athletes around the country dedicated to the promotion and advancement of Cheerleading as a respected athletic discipline and sport. They run the largest cheerleading competitions in Australia.

international results

NCA 2015
We were very proud to send our first ever Level 3 team to compete at the 2016 NCA All-Star National Championship in Dallas, Texas from February 19th - 21st.   Our team achieved 6th place!  


AASCF Winterfest
1st Place - Rifles (Yth1)
2nd Place - Pistols (Mini1), Black Ops (Open4)
3rd Place - Missiles (Snr1), Stunners (Snr2)
4th Place - Torpedoes (Jnr1), Snipers (Jnr3), Cherry Bombs (Snr4)

AASCF Allstar Battle
1st Place - Rifles (Yth1)
2nd Place - Missiles (Snr1)
3rd Place - Pistols (Mini1), Torpedoes (Jnr1), Snipers (Jnr3)
4th Place - Crossfire (Snr3)
5th Place - Stunners (Snr2)
6th Place - Cherry Bombs (Snr4)

2nd Place - Stunners (Snr2), Black Ops (Open4)
4th Place - Crossfire (Snr3), Cherry Bombs (Snr4)

AASCF Vic States
3rd Place - Pistols (Mini1), Black Ops (Open4)
4th Place - Rifles (Yth1), Torpedoes (Jnr1), Missiles (Snr1),  Crossfire (Snr4)
5th Place - Stunners (Snr2), Cherry Bombs (Snr4)

AASCF Spring Cup
1st Place - Warfare (Open5)
2nd Place - Torpedoes (Jnr2), Missiles (Snr1), Snipers (Jnr3), Crossfire (Snr3), Black Ops (Open4)

AASCF National Championships
1st Place - Missiles (Snr1)
2nd Place - Rifles (Yth1), Snipers (Jnr3)
5th Place - Stunners (Snr2), Cherry Bombs (Snr4)


AASCF Winterfest
1st Place - Pistols (Mini1)
2nd Place - Stunners (Snr2)
3rd Place - Missiles (Snr1), Rockets (Jnr2), Black Ops (Open4)
4th Place - Crossfire (Snr3)
5th Place - Cherry Bombs (Snr4)
6th Place - Torpedoes (Yth1)

AASCF Allstar Battle
2nd Place - Rockets (Jnr2), Crossfire (Snr3), Black Ops (Open4)
3rd Place - Pistols (Mini1), Stunners (Snr2)
4th Place - Torpedoes (Yth1), Cherry Bombs (Snr4)
5th Place - Missiles (Snr1)

AASCF Victorian States
1st Place - Black Ops (Open4)
2nd Place - Rockets (Jnr2)
3rd Place - Pistols (Mini1), Torpedoes (Yth1), Missiles (Snr1), Stunners (Snr2), Cherry Bombs (Snr4), Crossfire (Snr3)

AASCF Nationals
National Champions - Black Ops (Open4)
3rd Place - Stunners (Snr2)
4th Place - Torpedoes (Yth1), Crossfire (Snr3)
5th Place - Missiles (Snr1)