We offer programs that are recreational and programs for those who seek further opportunities to compete throughout the year at State, National or International levels. There are also many event performance opportunities and workshops to train with the best in the industry.

We offer classes for everyone, from age 3 years to adult and from basic to elite level.



Bullets Allstars Cheerleading Melbourne competition squads

Bullets Allstars provide three different types of competitive cheerleading:

  • Competition Squad
  • Partner Stunt
  • Group Stunt

We have 10 competition teams hitting the floor in 2017 - Mini, Youth, Junior, Senior and Open levels. 


Bullets Allstars Cheerleading Melbourne recreational classes

In recreational classes, students work at their own pace to acquire the skills needed to move up a level. We work on the fundamentals of being a cheerleader including tumbling, stunting and conditioning.

Recreational class age levels are:

Tiny, Mini, Junior and Senior.


Cheerleading for kids Melbourne Bullets Allstars

For younger kids under 8 years old, we offer mini classes. We introduce them to all facets of cheerleading, such as dance, stunting and tumbling

Both recreational and competitive teams are offered:

  • Recreational - 8 & under
  • Competitive - Mini Level 1