Cheerleading (Cheer) is one of the fastest growing sports in Australia and is a fantastic team sport. 

Cheerleading combines the skills of gymnastics, dance and acrobatics. It is a sport requiring great physical strength where athletes perform spectacular and energetic routines incorporating stunts, jumps, pyramids, dance, cheer and tumbles within a 2 ½ minute routine. It is a high-energy team sport, making it a great way to have fun with friends while burning energy!


Being a part of Bullets Allstars family means being part of the best the sport has to offer with a high standard of cheerleading technique within a fun training environment.

We want Bullet Allstars to be a place our athletes love coming to, an outlet where they can be themselves, make friends and learn important life skills such as commitment, perseverance, teamwork and personal growth.  

Our programs cater to different athletes' ages, abilities, goals, family needs, and most importantly to feel part of our cheer family. Our ultimate aim is to develop a love for the sport and build friendships that will extend beyond cheerleading careers.

Bullets Allstars Cheerleading Cheer classes Melbourne

We believe in developing all to be the best they can be. To instill confidence and value in each and every student. We are committed to promoting spirit and enthusiasm in our teams in a positive way. We want our Cheer classes to be about fun, team spirit and perseverance to be the best athletes we can be!
We want you guys to have an amazing time learning to be Bullets Allstar cheerleaders just as we have!”  

BRADY WILLS – Cheer Head Coach 

Bullets Allstars Cheerleading competition Melbourne